class Session(val parent: Session?)(source)



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constructor(parent: Session?)


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object Companion


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fun end()

Ends the session, destroys any GPU resources in use by the session

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fun fork(): Session

Fork the session

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fun track(arrayCubemap: ArrayCubemap): Boolean
fun track(arrayTexture: ArrayTexture): Boolean
fun track(atomicCounterBuffer: AtomicCounterBuffer): Boolean
fun track(bufferTexture: BufferTexture): Boolean
fun track(colorBuffer: ColorBuffer): Boolean
fun track(computeShader: ComputeShader): Boolean
fun track(cubemap: Cubemap): Boolean
fun track(depthBuffer: DepthBuffer): Boolean
fun track(indexBuffer: IndexBuffer): Boolean
fun track(renderTarget: RenderTarget): Boolean
fun track(shader: Shader): Boolean
fun track(shaderStorageBuffer: ShaderStorageBuffer): Boolean
fun track(vertexBuffer: VertexBuffer): Boolean
fun track(volumeTexture: VolumeTexture): Boolean
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fun untrack(arrayCubemap: ArrayCubemap): Boolean
fun untrack(arrayTexture: ArrayTexture): Boolean
fun untrack(atomicCounterBuffer: AtomicCounterBuffer): Boolean
fun untrack(bufferTexture: BufferTexture): Boolean
fun untrack(colorBuffer: ColorBuffer): Boolean
fun untrack(computeShader: ComputeShader): Boolean
fun untrack(cubemap: Cubemap): Boolean
fun untrack(depthBuffer: DepthBuffer): Boolean
fun untrack(indexBuffer: IndexBuffer): Boolean
fun untrack(renderTarget: RenderTarget): Boolean
fun untrack(shader: Shader): Boolean
fun untrack(shaderStorageBuffer: ShaderStorageBuffer): Boolean
fun untrack(vertexBuffer: VertexBuffer): Boolean
fun untrack(volumeTexture: VolumeTexture): Boolean


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Session statistics