open fun position(ut: Double): T(source)

Returns a point on the path of the ShapeContour.

To make the computation easier in the presence of non-linear Segments, the result is derived first from the corresponding Segment in the ShapeContour, and then within that Segment.

For example, if the ShapeContour is composed of 10 Segments, asking for position ut=0.03 will return the point 30% of the along the 1st Segment, and ut=0.51 will return the point 10% of the along the 6th.

If the component Segments are of wildly different lengths, the resulting point can be very different from what would be arrived at if the ShapeContour were treated strictly as a whole. In that case, consider using ShapeContour.equidistantPositions instead.

Also see: Segment2D.position.


Vector2 that lies on the path of the ShapeContour.



unfiltered t parameter, will be clamped between 0.0 and 1.0.