abstract fun error(errnum: Int)(source)

The error callback method is called when an error is encountered. The one argument is of type int; it indicates the specific error that occurred and will be set to one of GLU_TESS_MISSING_BEGIN_POLYGON, GLU_TESS_MISSING_END_POLYGON, GLU_TESS_MISSING_BEGIN_CONTOUR, GLU_TESS_MISSING_END_CONTOUR, GLU_TESS_COORD_TOO_LARGE, GLU_TESS_NEED_COMBINE_CALLBACK or GLU_OUT_OF_MEMORY. Character strings describing these errors can be retrieved with the gluErrorString call.

The GLU library will recover from the first four errors by inserting the missing call(s). GLU_TESS_COORD_TOO_LARGE indicates that some vertex coordinate exceeded the predefined constant GLU_TESS_MAX_COORD in absolute value, and that the value has been clamped. (Coordinate values must be small enough so that two can be multiplied together without overflow.) GLU_TESS_NEED_COMBINE_CALLBACK indicates that the tessellation detected an intersection between two edges in the input data, and the GLU_TESS_COMBINE or GLU_TESS_COMBINE_DATA callback was not provided. No output is generated. GLU_OUT_OF_MEMORY indicates that there is not enough memory so no output is generated.



Specifics the error number code.

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